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We are Paul and Catherine Jones, the founders behind FluffyBerry. My husband and I are excited to share FluffyBerry with you, the crowning joy of our lives. Many years ago, we started this dream from our passion for gardening and coming up with practical household DIY solutions. From a seemingly impossible journey of ups and downs, we were continually inventing and looking into the best tools and products that can transform the lives of simple ordinary hardworking people.

This lifetime passion has paid off handsomely with our beautiful line of products and inventions that we proudly offer to you today.

We now have the best collection to make this the ultimate and natural home for DIY enthusiasts who want to enjoy great inventions. It's a little revolution that has snowballed into a great business serving the world. Together, our customers have walked with us over the years to make this love story an epic experience.

We launched our store to offer you a comprehensive range of innovations to support your gardening activities and household remodeling projects.

With each product we provide comes a promise to make your life easier with less burden to your wallet and a more exciting and manageable household.  

Become part of our exciting and inspirational journey and see the difference in your life. 


Why Choose Us

Rich, extensive experience

You will be choosing from a supplier with knowledge and experience of providing world-class quality products.

Quality certificate

We always make the safety and quality of our top concerns. So all our products conform to the highest standards. More details can be found in our product pages for each product.

We've Got Your Back

As a customer, we always put your needs first. Our pleasure is to enhance your experience and satisfaction. So we always back up every sale we make with our 30 days money-back guarantee.


Catherine, Chief Happiness Officier @ FluffyBerry

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FluffyBerry- 6629 19e Avenue - Montreal H1X 2L8

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